9 Cute Gardening Kits for Kids

My husband started a little vegetable garden on the side of our house a few years ago, and my preschooler loves to dig in the dirt alongside of him as he works and help him to pick the vegetables as they ripen. This year he decided that he wants her to have her very own little garden patch, so I've been thinking of getting her a cute gardening kit for Easter. Here are nine of my favorites that I've rounded up so far:

1. How Does Your Garden Grow? Gift Set
2. The Secret Garden Kit
3. Garden in a Bag - Tomato, Sunflower, and Strawberries
4. Rootvue Farm Garden Laboratory 
5. Stone Soup Garden Kit
6. Growing Wishes Kits - Flowers & Herbs
7. Moulin Roty Gardening Kit
8. Fairytale Garden Kits
9. Growing Gardens by Kiwi Crate

I have yet to search Etsy and I may even look into making my own little "kit" depending on how much time I can cobble together between now and Easter! If you have any gardening tips or advice for kids I'd love to hear! xo, Lauren


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