25+ Sweet (but Sugar-Free) Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

I have nothing against a little candy on holidays, but I like to fill Violet's Easter basket with other things too. Here are over 25 of my favorite alternatives to the sugary stuff:

1. Rainbow Stacker
2. Flower Jump Rope
3. Colored Pencils
4. Egg Shaker
5. Bunny Bag
6. Beeswax Crayons
7. Silly Putty
8. Pinky High-Bounce Ball
9. Paint Your Own Bunny
10. Eggling Crack and Grow Plant
11. Boon Odd Ducks Rubber Duckies
13. Ant Farm
14. Wooden Sailboat
15. Blabla Wooly the Sheep
16. Bubbles
17. Play-Doh Eggs


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