My Central PA Kid


Name: Charlene
Kid's Age: 21 months
City/Town: York 

Favorite indoor excursions: 
1. Jump Gym at Titanium Athletics
2. Jungle Gym open gym
3. Gymboree
4. Swim Lessons
5. Toddler Tumble and Art Class at The Jewish Community Center

Favorite outdoor excursions: 
1. The pool at Codorus Park
2. Hershey gardens
3. Zoo America
4. Lake Tobias
5. Tour of Bluehound Farm
6. Activites at Barefoot Farm

Favorite free excursions: 
1. Martin Library Storytime
2. Lunch Box Revue in Downtown York
3. Movies in the park at Kiwanis Lake
4. Visiting the cows at Perrydell Farm and Dairy
5. Visiting Brown's Orchard for their free events
6. Picnics at John Rudy Park
7. Walking at Sprigettsbury Park
8. Playground at Cousler Park

Photo is from a Halloween Hayride at Brown's Orchard - they got to pick their own apples. It was a great day!

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My Central PA Kid


Names: Brandy, Jalen, & Quinn
Kids Ages: 3&6
City/Town: York

Favorite indoor excursion: 
1. Ballocity in Reading PA
2. Lincolnway Bowling in West York
3. Skyzone in Limerick PA
4. Turkey Hill Experience in Lancaster
5. Bogey Macaw's in Dallastown

Favorite outdoor excursion: 
1. Cousler Park
2. West York Track
3. Springettsbury Park
4. York Revolution games
5. Bopapalooza

Favorite free excursion:
1. Concert in the park at Springettsbury
2. Petting zoo and bounce house Jim Mack's ice cream in Hellam

Thanks Brandy! Would you like to tell us where your Central PA kid likes to play? Fill out our form here and send us a photo of your and your family at!

DIY Easter Bunny Surprise Ball

I found the cutest Easter bunny surprise balls last year online, and really wanted to buy them for the girls' Easter baskets this year. Unfortunately, they were no longer for sale :/ So I decided they looked easy enough - why not make my own? And I think he turned out pretty cute!

Here's how I did it:

1. Fill an Easter egg with goodies of your choice (these are a couple of my preschooler's favorite flower hair ties from Lorie Marie's Pretty Little Things shop):

2. Take some streamers and start wrapping them around the egg:

3. Keep wrapping until you get a ball shape, then tape the end and kind of shape the ball gently with your hands:

4. Cut a circle and two bunny ear shapes out of card stock. Use markers to fill in the ears and draw a nose and mouth onto the circle. Bend the bottom of each ear back and glue everything onto the surprise ball. Draw the eyes directly onto the streamers:

Voila! The girls saw me making it, so I'm not sure what they'll think about something Mom made being in their Easter baskets (you know, because the Easter bunny is supposed to bring that kind of stuff), but maybe they won't give it a second thought? I guess we'll have to wait and see! xo, Lauren

P.S. Free Printable Easter Bunny Treat Bag + 25 Sweet (but Sugar-Free) Gifts for Kids

9 Cute Gardening Kits for Kids

My husband started a little vegetable garden on the side of our house a few years ago, and my preschooler loves to dig in the dirt alongside of him as he works and help him to pick the vegetables as they ripen. This year he decided that he wants her to have her very own little garden patch, so I've been thinking of getting her a cute gardening kit for Easter. Here are nine of my favorites that I've rounded up so far:

1. How Does Your Garden Grow? Gift Set
2. The Secret Garden Kit
3. Garden in a Bag - Tomato, Sunflower, and Strawberries
4. Rootvue Farm Garden Laboratory 
5. Stone Soup Garden Kit
6. Growing Wishes Kits - Flowers & Herbs
7. Moulin Roty Gardening Kit
8. Fairytale Garden Kits
9. Growing Gardens by Kiwi Crate

I have yet to search Etsy and I may even look into making my own little "kit" depending on how much time I can cobble together between now and Easter! If you have any gardening tips or advice for kids I'd love to hear! xo, Lauren

Free Printable Easter Bunny Treat Bag


I created a fun Easter bunny treat bag last year for a little party that we had, and I thought it might be fun to share on here as a printable! You could use them as favor bags, as a substitute for a traditional Easter basket, or even in addition to it if your little one is lucky enough to have an abundance of goodies :)

The white one you can just download here, print, glue onto a paper lunch bag, and cut out. The brown bag version I simply cut out the ears and painted on the face. Even cuter: glue a fluffy pom pom on the back for a tail! 

Click here to download the free printable.  

P.S. Finely cut/shredded tissue paper makes my favorite Easter grass!


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